Obligations of Representative (GSA)

  1. Gather all the data required and submit & file of FOC documentation with GACA for obtaining permission with regard to the technical information of the aircraft to be used by the Carrier for its operations.

  2. Obtain the desired slots for the Carrier from GACA for Hajj/Umrah and scheduled flights.

  3. Obtain approval/acceptance from GACA of KSA for Aircraft Operator Security Program (AOSP) and other manuals and related documentation.

  4. Negotiate a royalty agreement with Saudi Arabian Airlines as mutually agreed between the Carrier and Saudi Arabian Airlines (if required).

  5. Provide all required administrative services including but not limited to in respect of Saudi Passport Department, Labor office, Government authorities. These services include of residence permits, transfer of Iqama, exit and re-entry visas, visit visas, business visas, driving license, car registration and authentication of official documents from the Chamber of Commerce, GOSI forms and GOSI staff assistance.

  6. Advise, assist and make sure the Carrier is in compliance with all the local laws and regulations applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with regard to its activities.

  7. Assist the Carrier with every and all government paperwork, clearances and official offices, with the Local Civil Aviation Authority, the National Carrier “Saudi Arabian Airlines” and Saudi Telecommunication (STC), Municipalities, Traffic Police and other official offices when needed.

  8. The GSA, in its capacity according to the agreement, will assist and advise the Carrier to ensure their compliance with the laws, rules and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other related legal matters as may be appropriate.

  9. Assist with negotiating Payment Terms Only at KSA Airports, Ports Projects Management and Development Co, Saudi Ground Services (SGS) and Swissport as the Ground Handling agreements will be signed between the airlines and the airport operator.

  10. Assist in providing Hajj & Umrah Temporary work visas for the mentioned agreed operation as per the Carrier’s requirement and on Carrier’s cost.

  11. Assist and obtain Airport Security access passes with the coordination Saudi Ground Services (SGS) and Swissport at KSA airports well in advance before the start of the operations for the staff of the Carrier.

  12. Assist in negotiating and arranging suitable accommodation including transportation with all required permits for staff of the Carrier.

  13. Assist in negotiating and concluding and agreement for passenger hotels in case of delays as a stand-by arrangement at all embarkation points in Phase 2 operation.

  14. Assist in negotiating and engaging maintenance companies in Jeddah and Madinah Airports for maintenance support for the Carriers aircrafts as an ad-hoc/ standby arrangement.

  15. Assist in getting/obtaining approval to place stand for passenger’s guidance at both airports.

  16. The GSA in position to provide ground catering for the passengers of the Carrier at an already agreed menu and price. This price and menu will hold well during the entire operation without any changes whatsoever.

  17. The GSA in position to provide City Check-In at both Airports JED & MED with the following services if required by the Carrier in case needed:

    • To handle registered baggage in hotel/lodgment lobby, weigh, verify and its transportation from hotel/lodgment to airports.

    • Provide qualified and proper personnel with uniform and ID card.

    • Provide serviceable, secure, proper transportation equipment with certification and license in order to support baggage transportation services.

    • Guarantee its personnel and transportation equipment has the access to hotel/lodgment in Mecca and Medina to perform baggage transportation to city check-in in 06 days before ETD flight per group.

    • Provide personnel with proper manning required in each hotel/lodgment as per agreed schedule.

    • Provider’s personnel will behave friendly, kind, polite and “prohibited to” perform money collection or receive tip to/from the pilgrims.

    • Agree to coordinate with relevant institute during performing the service such as: sector-sector, hotel/lodgment, traffic police, hajj operational carrier (airline) and customs.

    • Agree to agent handling activity.

    • Agree to baggage handling workflow and schedule of activity.

  18. Assist in providing agreed number of dedicated local staff fluent in Arabic and English who are well versed with the procedures and liaising with authorities at both airports JED & MED to supervise the operations in coordination with the staff of the Carrier as well as assisting temporary deputed staff for the said operation. The lodging and boarding of the local staff is included in the cost of the staff provided locally.

  19. Assist in providing dedicated Ramp Assistance vehicle for the staff of the carrier during the entire tenure of the entire operations including relevant passes through Saudi Ground Services Company (SGS) and Swissport on Carrier’s Expense.

  20. Following is the name and the contact number of the person whom the GSA has nominated to act as the contact person for the purpose of this agreement.

  21. Provide Sales of tickets and marketing for airlines and promote the business airlines operator.