Passenger Handling

Passenger services are designed to make you both customer-focused and knowledgeable in the many roles you may fill as a front-line employee. This includes customer service best practices, conflict management and the development of other soft skills combined with a review of domestic and international passenger and baggage handling standards.

As a Passenger Ground Services staff of Jaz Aviation will granted free access to the Departure Control System (DCS), this includes on the acceptance of passengers and baggage, seating, boarding and handling disruptions.

  1. Respond professionally to customer requests and complaints

  2. Maintain composure when dealing with difficult passengers, converting crisis situations into opportunities

  3. Passenger with reduced mobility and medical cases

  4. Diplomats and other privileged passenger

  5. Manage irregular operations and execute strategies to get back on track quickly

  6. Use and endorse e-tickets

  7. Comply with passenger and baggage handling standards

  8. Transfer of knowledge to Jaz Aviation staff, colleagues and employees

Customer service skills and principles

  1. Customer expectations and satisfaction

  2. Passenger service delivery model

  3. Listening and responding skills

  4. Cultural awareness

Difficult customers and situations

  1. Dealing with complaints

  2. Conflict management

  3. Denied boarding

Industry rules and guidelines

  1. Official Airline Guide (OAG)

  2. IATA manuals

  3. Minimal Connecting Time (MCT)

  4. Automated Baggage Rules

Gate procedures

  1. E-ticketing

  2. Boarding and delays

  3. Endorsements

  4. Special customer handling

Baggage services

  1. Carry on and checked baggage, allowances and charges

  2. Hold baggage reconciliation

  3. Unaccompanied baggage and personal effect carried as cargo

  4. World Tracer

  5. Dangerous items and general emergency procedures

  6. Lost and found baggage services

This includes practical exercises and assessments

  1. Situational exercises

  2. Customer service case studies

  3. Quality Control

Staff on Duties

  1. Passenger service managers

  2. Handling agents and other customer contact personnel

  3. Customer service instructors