Catering Services

Catering Services for Airlines, Lounges and Business Aviation

Jaz Aviation independent provider of Catering Services for airlines passengers. With more than ten years of experience in providing appealing food and beverage options, designed to fit any budget, we offer:

  1. A wide range of culinary solutions

  2. “Last mile” provisioning to aircraft

  3. Catering and provisioning services for non-airline business, such as airport lounges and convenience retailers

Airline Catering

Jaz Aviation is a leading global provider of a full range of catering services for today’s airline industry. At each of our kitchens, the focus is on culinary and operational excellence and consistently providing the highest quality products and services tailored to strengthen your brand.

From menu design through execution and delivery, our passion is giving you and your passengers an exceptional experience. To ensure that our high standards are met and maintained, Jaz Aviation instituted gate, gate group’s operational excellence program developed to define and promote best practices across all functional areas.

Premium Service and Economy Service

Jaz Aviation premium catering offers customers the highest level of customized catering and provisioning service available in the industry – from First and Business Class cabins or VIP charter flight services, to bespoke private jet service. Jaz Aviation prides itself on serving some of the most distinctive cabins aboard the most recognizable airlines flying today.

Jaz Aviation also provides food and beverages for airport lounges that are managed directly by customers or through a partnership with our colleagues at Performa. We support menu development and delivery of a wide array of hot and cold buffet meals including breakfasts, lunches, dinners and afternoon tea throughout the day.

Our premium-catering offering begins with consultations with Jaz Aviation experienced team of executive chefs, to fully understand the scope of your on-board program, including menus, drink service, service presentation and amenity kits or other comfort items. Our teams work closely with you throughout the menu development process and continually over the course of the relationship to ensure that your needs and expectations are met and exceeded, and that our unparalleled level of service is consistently achieved.

Jaz Aviation full offering of economy class catering covers your needs throughout the aircraft. We offer complete catering services and amenities in aft cabins – ranging from innovative and affordable meals, beverages and snacks for long-haul flights, to fresh or shelf-stable food for purchase on short-haul flights, and everything in between.

We begin by understanding your needs and expectations, then design a catering program based on your desired meal and service elements, related options, and cost structure.


At Jaz Aviation we have a passion for on-time performance, and it shows: We handle many airline flights a year with an average reliability rate of over 99 percent.

Before a flight can be dispatched, thousands of individual items must be provisioned to make the trip safe and comfortable for passengers. Getting the right items on the right flight at the right time is a huge challenge, requiring precise coordination for loading and unloading trucks at busy gates, flexibility to meet critical turn-around times, and a mastery of logistics to ensure reliability.