Aviation Security Services


The department of Jaz Aviation Security is committed to manage security control and audit tasks at airlines offices, airports, Cargo, and Catering facilities and develop systems and security programs and enact the relevant legislation, and manage the coordination of the training of personnel in the field of aviation security and the department is responsible for documentation of all facts and events related to the security issues.


  1. Provide high security standard to the Airlines and Airports to enable safe operation and flexible flight processes.

  2. Ensure that Jaz Aviation is in compliance with the required security standards through inspection and audits.

  3. Create systematic, integrated and unified work environment at airports in accordance with the National Civil Aviation Security Program (NCASP) of KSA.

  4. Build bridges of cooperation and harmony between the other government security agencies and GACA with emphasis on complementing each other roles and responsibilities.


  1. Airport Security Control Inspection

  2. Security Regulation & Program

  3. Aviation Security Training & Certification

  4. Security Documents & Correspondences

  5. Security Equipment


Our mission is to ensure adherence of national and international security regulations and procedures, while continuing to develop and update our Jaz Aviation security according to the latest systems and the best standards to guarantee excellence in airports security


Our Vision is to continue develop, update and activate all tasks and responsibilities entrusted with the management of aviation security according to the best standards and contribute to the customer service and facilitation at our airports.

Duties & Responsibility:

  1. Put security regulations, procedures and ensure that it’s in compliance with the required security standards through inspection and audits

  2. Implement the National Civil Aviation Security Program (NCASP) requirements, and any instructions according to national and international standards

  3. Prepare and submit reports to GACA

  4. Examine the quality control standards implementation, according to national and international quality security requirements and risk assessment program

  5. Develop and manage the national program for the training of civil aviation security

  6. Coordinate and cooperate with relevant organizations to create needed training programs for staff at airports by coordinating with Saudi Academy of Civil Aviation (SACA)

  7. Follow-up reports of the Preparatory Committee with all airport security

  8. Representation of Jaz Aviation locally, regionally and internationally in all events relating to aviation security

  9. Oversee and inspect the security operations of Jaz Aviation through the GACA certified security inspectors

  10. Participate in relevant local/ international committees

  11. Participate in workshops and specialized courses for Jaz Aviation staff inside & outside the Kingdom

Hazard Observed:

Jaz Aviation employees shall report of any security occurrence or incident/Hazard involving staff, equipment, vehicle, customer, and aircraft etc. in the following sequence:

  1. Inform Airport security functions;

  2. Inform Jaz Aviation security Manager;

  3. Inform Customer services of airlines;

  4. Complete Division report ;

Jaz Aviation is an active private aviation security company. We have a long-term positive relationship with General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) and Kingdom-wide airports. Jaz Aviation is providing aviation security services to its clients who are airlines and airport operators, and they know us for honest service and skilled officers. Our officers are held to strict regulatory standards verified by our senior staff using documented quality procedures. It is mandatory at active aviation security that each employee is trained in all aspects of security, and ready for whatever the customers may require. Jaz Aviation Company and security guards are licensed from GACA and Ministry of Interior of KSA. Our clients are airlines, airport operators and airports taints, concessioners and airport facilities. We are in the business to protect airport property and travelling passengers. We make sure the airport operators and airlines are safe from the unlawful interference at airport locations. We have the experience to meet and exceed the aviation security needs business. All staff and managements are comprised have prior experience at local, and government levels of aviation security.

Feel free to contact us or come into Jaz Aviation office if you would like to learn more about our business and staff.

Our security assistance can include:

  1. Implementing comprehensive aviation security legislation

  2. Advice and support on ICAO Universal Security Audit Programme (USAP)

  3. Organisation restructuring to improve security oversight

  4. Guidance on technical procedure in all areas of aviation security

  5. Provision of Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to enhance competencies