Manual Developing

Jaz Aviation has comprehensive company policies and procedures to develop manuals covering all GACA’s requirements within the organization. A main purpose of a procedure technical manuals is to help airlines to ensure optimum business operations and consistent delivery of products and services for operators. Jaz Aviation prepare, develop all GACA’s required following Manuals and obtained approvals for commercial, Private on demand-chartered airlines:

  1. Aircraft Operator Security Program (AOSP) Manual.

  2. Dispatch Procedures Manual (DPM)

  3. General Operations Manual (GOM).

  4. Station Operations Manual (SOM)

  5. Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Program (CAMP) Manual.

  6. Electronic Flight Bag (EFB).

  7. Flight Operations Training Manual (FOTM)

  8. Company Emergency Manual (CEM).

  9. Fueling/Servicing Manual (FUEL).

  10. Hazardous Material Training and/or Recognition Program (HAZ).

  11. Flight Attendant Manual (FAM)

  12. General Maintenance Manual (GMM).

  13. Safety Management System Manual - Emergency Response Plan (SMS/ERP).

  14. Minimum Equipment List (MEL) Manual.

  15. Continuing Analysis and Surveillance System (CASS) Manual.

  16. Maintenance Training Manual (MTM).

  17. Quality Manual (QM)

  18. Reliability Manual.

  19. Exit Seating Manual (ESM)

  20. Non-Essential Equipment & Furnishing (NEF)